About us

RPP is an investment company to gain the trust of investors and engaged in the business of investing the pooled capital of stakeholders in financial securities. 

We offer diversified portfolios that incorporate the best independent decisions of our experienced investment professionals.

The goal of RPP is to support more people to achieve financial stability by concentrating on long-term sustainability across its business. By integrating environmental, social, and governance practices into the investment process and creating a positive social impact through community service, RPP seeks to help clients, employees, shareholders and societies achieve long-term financial stability.

RPP offers a wide range of sustainable investment solutions, ranging from Properties, agriculture or renewable infrastructure to thematic strategies that allow clients to direct their investments according to specific objectives.  We build companies in different branches, and our goal is to be part of a global market. Our team is hard-working experts in their field. Ranging from rocket scientist to one of the best engineers in Europe. Diversity is our bridge. We are an ambitious team believing that knowledge is the key to success.  Collecting knowledge from people around the world, and gathering them under one team to provide the best solution for you.



* We started our first two companies in the year 2019 from Norway, and both of them are growing fast.

* Our office at Filipstad Brygge 1, 0252 Oslo, Norway, and warehouse with offices in Fredrikstad, Norway.

* Customer portfolio of 250 customers around Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, Moss, Oslo, and Bergen.


* Due to covid19, RPP Industry startet partnership with manufacturer within PPE equipment, workwear, and HSE. 

* RPP have achieved a global network of investors and entrepreneurs. 

* RPP Investment supports projects and startups who works to make the earth green again. RPP Investment supports and are involved in startup company – Greenerdesert. RPP is working in this project within biotechnology which can transform sand into the grass. This project have been showed to UAE, Bahrain and Qatar to discuss further cooperation.


* RPP Industry started to produce own goods from various countries in Asia. 

* RPP Industry have achieved customers from offshore, oil & gas industries. 

* RPP have hired more employees for the sale department in Norway