RPP is an investment company to gain trust investors and engaged in the business of investing the pooled capital of stakeholders in financial securities. This is most often done either through a closed-end fund or an open-end fund (also referred to as a mutual fund).

We have office in two cities Oslo and Fredrikstad.

We look forward to investing in several internal and external companies in order to improve our business strategy.


We are here to offer our services

Join: with Capital from Accelerators, Funds & Investors

Develop profit: with free stuff, talent examine & experience

Cultivate: your startup in the international community.


RPP supports the concept of shared value. To let startups and investors engage with their different client groups and share the value of connecting them in order to create new businesses. RPP supports a great economic value for our clients and a financial marketplace for startups mentors, and investors. Our vision is to bring several global partners into our circle.


Our mission is to support the start, growth and finance of minor and average sized enterprises in emerging markets. We offer solutions to the intermediaries that provide access to finance or advice to startups. These are new startups and investors. We aim to maximize the number of users for our clients.

Key Values

Start a company: Formulate for investment and evolution with easy incorporation and powerful legal and financial gears.

Nurture Your Startup: Discover how to make your startup a more attractive investment opportunity by rounding out your team and validating your project.

Raise Capital: Discover your best sources for funding, then find and apply for investment

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